Fascinator hats

A fascinator is a type of headpiece. This fashion piece dates back to 19th century. it was  lightweight hood or scarf worn about the head and tied under the chin, typically knitted or crocheted.

Today, the word fascinator is a formal headwear worn as an alternative to the hat; it is usually a large decorative design attached to a band or clip, sometimes incorporating a base to resemble a miniature hat, in which case it may be called a hatinator source Wikipedia

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted wearing a red ‘hatinator’ during her visit to Canada in 2011. she is literally the Queen of Fascinator.

source – Internet pictures

Fascinators can be worn to weeding’s, church service and outdoor event like race course. The good thing about fascinators is that it is not limited to a particular pattern; thankfully there are varieties of styles to choose from, here a few of my picks

For weddings (Bridal Fascinators);

Pinterest image
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Pinterest Image

For weddings (guests): 

Pinterest Image
Pinterest Image
Pinterest Image

For Church Service;

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Pinterest Image
Pinterest Image

For other events like outdoor activities – race course etc. go for more dramatic styles

Pinterest Image
Pinterest Image
Pinterest Image

Now go rock some fascinators!

st hedwig crafts fascinators. call 08182061811



Split Ends Wont Let you Rest?

Not to Worry I have got you covered!

In the world today, Natural look is taking over it is almost like a trend now. Every one is  going naturale – from wearing nude colour dresses that constitutes the natural trend to spotting nude colour  lip sticks. it is all about naturale. 


Some are staying off hair relaxers entirely all to have a natural look. To some, it is healthy to keep your hair off relaxers  while others are going hair natural to grow out their hair.

Do you know that you can grow out your hair without going natural? all you need to do is to prevent split ends! say what?  Yes! You heard me prevent split ends. Here are few things you need to do :-

  1. If it is humanly  possible stay away from flat irons. Any thing hot should be kept far away from your hair.
  2. Condition the ends of your hair regularly
  3. Trim your hair every 2 weeks
  4. whatsoever you do, don’t brush or comb your hair when wet.
  5. Use  leave-in conditioner  at least once a week.
  6. Wash hair at least once a week – just to prevent dandruff.
  7. Don’t use towels to dry your hair due to the texture of towels  . Instead use soft clothing like tissue tops – Towels can break your hair when wet.
  8. Use essential oils e.g – Castor and Olive oil
  9.  Deep condition your hair at least ones in 2 weeks (I have my own  deep conditioning recipe that have worked for me)
  10. Avoid very tight hair styles like ponytail  img-20160824-104952
  11. Eat Balanced diet. Yes! include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals – best fruit for hair growth is  avocado.

Get all these right and you are on your way to rocking your natural long hair without having to stay off relaxers.


Please be a sweet heart and share with your friends.




How to Spend Less during this Recession Period

Paul McKinney defines recession as a general downturn in any economy.

A recession is associated with high unemployment, slowing gross domestic product, and high inflation. Generally, a recession is less severe than a depression.

The blame for a recession generally falls on the federal leadership, often either the president himself, the head of the Federal Reserve, or the entire administration. Well that is the definition of recession!

An average Nigerian trader interprets the period we are in as a period of “Dollar Rise”. According to these traders Prices of everything, I repeat, everything must increase everything includes, locally sourced food stuff like – red oil, garri, tomatoes etc.

I am not trying to be inconsiderate but what baffles me is how the price you pay for an item may increase the next day for that particular item. When you ask why – the answer is blowing in the air “dollar don increase”.

In other to stay out of debt and spend less, here are the few ways you can significantly cut down your expenses.

Google Pictures



  1. Don’t Go Cashless – Well, it is advised to go cashless but truth be told if you want to spend less please go card less! Do you know you cannot carry a N100.000 bills about and be comfortable? But you can spend N250.000 with your credit card on one single shopping or even in a night club.

Forget about self-discipline when it comes to shopping or clubbing or even TGIF and you know you have a fat account you will throw away that self-discipline thing, besides, Nigerians like to show off! We live “if you have it flaunt it” life style. At least for those who live in the city! No try am for some kind villages o!

The bottom line is with your card you spend more but you can only spend less if you know that the cash you have with you is estimated to last for the whole week.

Just try it this week. Leave your ATM card at home.

Google Pictures


  1. Set Weekly Goals – Well it is beginning to get tougher. Just start by setting aside the amount you need for a week and try not to exhaust that amount. Say to yourself, I will only spend N20.000 or less this week.
  • you can begin by having a scale sheet, where you list all your weekly activities that involves money like –
  1. Paying electric bills
  2. subscription bills
  3. See a movie
  4. Buy gifts items
  5. TGIF
  6. Visit friends etc.

Just list as many as you can remember and put 3 boxes next to each of them.

Like TO-DO, Maybe NOT, MUST DO. Now make sure that anything not listed on this list must be carried over to the next week.

For the most important items –  check the MUST Do Boxes, and the ones that can wait check the Maybe Not boxes and the rest can fall under the category of To-Do.

Let me explain, this is almost like a priority list only that this one involves spending. Things like pay your electric bills, subscription bills should be on top of your priority list, which is MUST DO, while those that can be done the next week like seeing a movie should be under TO-do. Visit friends and buy gift items should certainly be Maybe NOT. Just use it as a guideline, say if you keep N50.000 for the week, you would see that you cannot spend it all because you have a spending priority list.

Again, the week you pay bills etc. you shouldn’t really do TGIF (hahhaha) and seeing movies it will cut your spending for sure, just give it try.

Google Pictures


  1. Separate your Needs from your Wants.

Let’s go back to high school definition of wants and needs. Simply put, needs are necessity while wants are desire to possess or do something.

In Economic wants are defined as desires that can be satisfied by consuming a good, service or leisure activity. Needs would be defined as goods or services that are required. Very simple identify the things that you can do without and treat them as secondary issues.

Before you jump in your car and drive to the Island only to say hello to your bae, ask yourself can’t I just pick my phone and call instead? That lemon pair of shoe you want to buy, ask yourself do you really need that?

You can also help yourself by preparing your own meal as against eating out. Carry your snacks and if possible your own bottle of water if possible to prevent the next point I am about to discuss.

  1. Have a Shopping list

Oh dear! I remember one day that I walked into a super mart to buy just a box of colouring pens for my little girl; I ended up filling up a shopping cart!  Well it just happened that way.

To avoid this take a note of all the items you need to replenish in the home, and carry this list all the time, this will help you to even buy only items that you need and keep you away from the super marts.

  1. Shop without a Cart – Yea, when you are finally at the shopping mall, pls don’t be tempted to carry a cart – Carts are getting bigger these days and this is only for one reason, to make you shop more. There’s nothing wrong in grabbing a shopping basket or carry your items. This hack will make you very uncomfortable and you look clumsy your only option would be to leave the shopping mall as soon as you can.
Google Pictures


Finally, you can also have someone do your shopping for you. List the items you need and give the person a price tagged list to help you out.

Try these and see if your spending won’t reduce.

Please be a sweet heart and share.


More on the Kim Kardashian Robbery.

Incase you didn’t know; Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint during Paris fashion week, this lead to Husband Kanye west jetting off live performance to attend to “Family Emergency” . Kim Kardashian West flew back to NYC after giving her statement to Paris authorities who have now commenced official investigation into the robbery attack.   Lets not mention that valuable assets was stolen during this attack! this will arise dialogue and comments.

According to Variety, The pop culture reality TV show is taking an indefinite break. ” “Kim’s well-being is our core focus right now. No decision has been made as to when production will resume,” a spokesperson for E! tells Variety.

We love you Kim please take all the break you need. we shall continue to pray for you.

untitled   Photo Credit Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Kylie Jenner Goes Blonde and Looks Exactly Like Big Sister Kim.

Finally, Kylie jenner goes blond after years of trying to look like bigger sister Kim Kardashian West .

Its no secret that over the years Kylie jenner have evolved. The 19 year old shared her first blond picture on Snapchat.

Photo credit – etonline.com
Instgram photos

One thing is obvious, she look lovely even in blond.

Instagram photo

Sexy look strong -my weight loss testimony.

It is approximately 1 year that I started my fitness journey. Don’t get it mixed up! I am not a Model yet, nor an actress I am just a self-acclaimed internet personality. So it took me 1 year to achieve a conspicuous weight loss.
I would like to commend myself, I have done pretty well although I am not there yet…
Believe me; many years ago I used to be a size 8!!! Hahahaha not funny! I am being serious. I gradually saw myself became a size 10, 12, 14 16 and almost 18.
It was almost like my soul was trapped in another body. I was not happy at all. Being a pretty small stature person – I am 5.5 I couldn’t really carry the weight I had. Vividly, I carry my weight on the upper area of my body. It was a struggle for me because at some point during mid-2015 I weighed 80-85kg.
Let me not even mention that I couldn’t find nice clothing in sizes 18, I was becoming sick and I knew I had to do something to stop it.

Before meets after. 


I started ONLY Saturday work-out, my excuse was I barely had the time to hit the gym. Well, Saturday workout didn’t do much for me. Then I thought of going under the knife but when I heard the negative stories…. I freaked out and sourced alternative means.
I am not going to lie; I took slim teas, tablets, and cream etc. nothing worked!!!!!!!
After all these failed attempt, I sat and thought of what I could do to help myself. That was when this crazy, insane idea just crossed my mind.


On my next article I would share these tips with you. The good thing about these fitness tips is that there is a plan for everyone and you don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym. It is best for the working class, the busy bees and even you can adopt any of the steps as a life style.
Relax and inform anyone you know that is struggling on weight loss.

Now, be a sweet heart and share with others.


What is your Fashion Style?

IMG_1438718900228Fashion maybe all about fabric, what is in the stores; what is trending and could change at any time but your style does not change!
Your fashion style is your point of view. To have style is to have something extra; it could be risky, dangerous depending on how you handle it.
Have you ever wondered what your fashion style is? Did you know that your choice of dressing could sometimes define your personality? Did you know that your style gives the first impression about you? Even before you introduce yourself & potentials. Like it is said “dress the way you wish to be addressed”
May 1st & 2nd 2016 was the first annual food & drinks fair organized by GTBank.
All they foodie lovers gathered and of course fashion style was present!

First annual GTB Food and Drink fair.

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the stylish ladies. These are their stories.

Smilicious – Hi gorgeous, what’s your name?
Yulitra – Yulitra
Smilicious – Yulitra, pls can I have a word with you?
Yulitra – Sure
Smilicious – it’s about your fashion style; hope you don’t mind sharing your fashion view with us?
Yulitra – Not a problem at all
Smilicious- How can you define your fashion style?
Yulitra – Fashion to me is a way of expressing my inner self. My style is more “minimalist & Hippie”
Smilicious – Thank you very much, is there a fashion trend you would want women to stop following?
Yulitra – I would start by even saying, ‘don’t follow trends ‘Stick to what suits your personality!
Smilicious – Thank you very much Yulitra for talking to us, have a nice time here.
Yulitra – And you too.


Smilicious –what’s your name?
Smilicious – Pls can you define your fashion style?
Dolapo – Fashion is a way of expressing my self, basically I just do me or bring out me. Before I picked my style for this event, a whole process was involved. I didn’t want anything too casual or too dressy just something simple in the middle. My style today is Vintage & the weather also played a role in my style today.
Smilicious – That’s fantastic! So when you walk into a fashion store what item do you usually pick?
Dolapo – Perfumes right now but I used to do rings.
Smilicious- Is there a fashion trend you would want women to stop following?
Dolapo – No Such thing as a uniform look! LOL
Smilicious – Ok, thank you so much for chatting with us.



photo credit – Queen Nsofor

Smilicious – how can you define your fashion style?
Prina’r – My style is usually anything simple & sporty. For this event I specifically picked to be too sporty because it is an exhibition and one has to be comfortable to enjoy the day.
Smilicious – Is there a fashion trend you would want women to stop following?
Prina’r – I am just fine the way we are right now.
Smilicious – Thank you & Have a nice time.
Prina’r – thank you and you too.


Smilicious – how can you define your fashion style?

Adaobi –My style is just simple!
Smilicious – When you walk into a fashion store what item do you usually pick?
Adaobi – Jeans & T’ees
Smilicious – really? lol
Adaobi – yes! LOL
Smilicious – why are you not wearing that?
Adaobi – I figured a lot of people would wear that since it is an outdoor event, so opted to be different.
Smilicious – Any trend you would want women to stop following?
Adaobi – Nothing really, I am okay with every trend.
Smilicious – that is nice, thank you for chatting with us.
Adaobi – thank you too.

Smilicious – Hi Ezy how can you define your fashion style?
EZY – I am more on the simple side when it comes to styling. Today the weather actually played a big role in deciding what to wear, as you can see it is very hot and you know it is a food fair, I wanted something that would not restrain me from having a fill and enjoying the day. Jeans and top is usually a got to go for me because it is very simple and comfortable.
Smilicious – oh that is good. When you walk into a fashion store, what do usually buy?
EZY – Shoes!! Ahahaha I love shoes. It is the new diamond! A girl’s best friend!
Smilicious- hahaha, that is true. Shoes are every girl’s best friend. I wrote an article on shoes, you should check it out. Well thank you for chatting with us. Enjoy your stay.
EZY – Enjoy your stay too.
Smilicious – last question, any specific trend you would want women to stop following?
EZY – uhmmmmm, nothing really. Haahaha
Smilicious – thank you very much once again.

Smilicious – hi Ayomide, How can you define your fashion style?
Ayomide – classic but today, the weather is very hot so I decided to pick something simple.
Smilicious – when you walk into a fashion store, what item do you usually buy?
Ayomide – that would be chains, I love hand chains.
Smilicious – any specific trend you would want women to stop following?
Ayomide – None.
Smilicious – thank you for speaking with us & enjoy your stay

Bola & Tajushola

GTB Ladies
Smilicious – Hi babes, how can define your fashion style?
Bola – well, I am a simple person when it comes to dressing. I like dressing simple but today the weather is very hot + I am going to the beach from here.
Tajushola – same here, simple dressing.
Smilicious – when you walk into a fashion store what do you usually buy?
Bola – shoes
Tajushola – Sunshades
Smilicious – Is there any specific fashion trend you would want women to break?
Bola – hair colouring.
Smilicious – hahaha I coloured my hair!
Bola – I want it to stop, we should learn to appreciate the colour of our hair. hhahahah
Smilicious – oh thank you! I would stop colouring my hair then! hahahah
Tajushola – lately, I have seen a lot of girls wear sneakers and body con dresses. That isn’t cool I want it gone! Hahah
Smilicious – thank you girls for chatting with us & have a fun filled day.

Nes, Tope and Lucia

Nes, Tope and Lucia

Smilicious – first I must say that I admire your styles! How can you define your fashion style?
Nes – My style is usually to fit to the event.
Tope – uhmmmm, I don’t have a specific style, I go for anything simple and nice.
Lucia – my style is first, comfort & anything that will suit my size + I consider the weather before I make my final decision, as you can see the weather is very hot so I decided to wear this lemon colour strappy dress and a matching sandal because of the event.
Smilicious – oh that’s good. When you walk into a fashion store what item do you usually pick?
Nes – Pencil skirts
Tope – lipsticks
Lucia – Bodycon straight long skirt or dress.
Smilicious – Is there any specific trend you would want women to stop following?
Nes – yes! Contouring! I want it to stop!
Smilicious – hahaha, why contouring?
Nes – it makes women look like wood!
Smilicious – hhahaha. That is really funny
Tope – colours that don’t go with your skin tone, I am not a fan of loud colours, if you must use colour for your hair, let it blend with your skin tone.
Smilicious – What have you to say about Monochrome style?
Nes – I am okay with the style
Smilicious – What are your got to go pieces?
Nes – Blazers
Tope – Shorts
Lucia –Sweattops.
Smilicious – Okay Ladies have fun today.

My style is simple and causal
Item I love the most – shoes
Smilicious – I love shoes also, you should read my article on shoes.
Trend I want gone – none

My style is eccentric, classic and chicky
Items I love – neutral brown pieces, classic prints’
Trend I want gone – leggings

My mood drives my style, today I decided to be causal considering it’s a food fair.
Item I love the most – Tees,
Trend I want gone – I don’t know if it is a trend but I have noticed that people wear denim skirts with sneakers, I am not a fan of that I want it to stop.

Tosime & Aminat
Smilicious – how can you define your fashion style?
Tosime – Comfortable Bohemian
Aminat – classy
Smilicious – when you walk into a fashion store, what Item do you usually pick?
Tosime – uhmmmm, neckpiece
Smilicious – wow!! You should read my article on the statement neckpiece
Aminat – blazers
Smilicious – Is there a specific trend you would want women to stop following?
Tosin – short clothings
Aminat – nothing specific
Smilicious – thanks ladies for chatting with us.



Smilicious – Glory how can you define your fashion style?
Glory – Usually my mood drives my style but I am more of the “find something” to wear type, also I think of the occasion first because I would really want my fashion style to define the real me at all times.
Like I said, my mood is the determinant. My fashion style expresses my inner self.
Smilicious – When you walk into a fashion house, what do you usually buy.
Glory – hmmm maybe skirts, I love skirts!
Smilicious – any particular reason why you love skirts? Religion maybe?
Glory – naaah, I think that I have a very fine legs, it wont hurt to show it always, would it? Lol
Smilicious – hahaha, not at all, you know the good old saying? “If you have it flaunt it” hahahah
Glory – hahaha
Smilicious – is there a particular fashion trend you want gone?
Glory – hmmmm, nothing really.
Smilicious – thank you Glory for your time.
Glory – thank you too


Smilicious – Hi Adora how best can you describe your fashion style?
Adora – quirky with a little bit of dapper.
Smilicious – oh that’s great. Is there a particular trend you want gone?
Adora – lengthy Tee’s
Smilicious – when you walk into a fashion house, what item is a must pick for you?
Adora – black jeans & Tee’s
Smilicious – thank you Adora for chatting with us.
Adora – Thank you.


Smilicious – Hi Alex, can you describe your fashion style?
Alex – my fashion style is best described as simple, comfy + bohemian.
Smilicious – is there a particular trend you want gone?
Alex – Skinny jeans
Smilicious – when you walk into a fashion house what item is a must pick for you?
Alex – that would be skirts & baggy jeans

Smilicious – hello ladies, how best can you describe your fashion style?
Tobi – anything style easy to pull, comfy, and mostly blends with my colour.
Sandra – due to my size, I would say my style is usually anything that fits and I am comfortable in.
Smilicious – any particular trend you want gone?
Tobi – none
Sandra – none
Smilicious – what is your favorite fashion piece?
Tobi – dresses
Sandra – Snickers

it is safe to conclude that your style is a way to describe your inner self. Unlike fashion, style requires a point of view. Style is priceless and like a personal philosophy.

May 4th 2016

Rest In the Lord. We miss you

The month of May used to be a very interesting month for me because; it is my baby sisters birthday month. This year’s May didn’t really start off well for all of us because just at the very beginning of the month, my first in-law (elder sisters husband) was diagnosed of malaria ++ sounds strange right? I haven’t also heard that before, we took it as mere malaria that would be treated quickly, basically by swallowing Malaria drugs and other prescribed drugs. we prayed also.

He was responding to treatment I would say, I spoke with him and he sounded fine, when I asked him, how is he doing he said ” I am well in Jesus name” I guess I would never forget that phrase!

I can still remember my sister calling me telling me that her husband is stooling profusely! And looking pale + loosing strength, some doctors suggested he be put on Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) and Intravenous therapy (IV).

Some days after, his stomach started enlarging, on the 3rd of May he was admitted and suddenly his health status started deteriorating.

During the early hours of 4th May, he passed out as I was told. When I got this news I started getting ready to go and support in whatever way I could. But before I could get to him he passed away! (A minute silent).


So sad! And heart breaking, my sister did all she could but I guess God called her husband no matter what.

He spent his last days studying the bible & serving God. May his gentle & cheerful soul rest in perfect peace.

I have dedicated the entire month to mourn him. I would resume publishing sometime in June.

Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes. It is never easy to go through such a very tragic loss without friends and well-wishers.

I really appreciate & wish that you all may never experience such loss.

Sarah McLachlan – Angel [Official Music Video] – YouTube

Google Image

Monochrome Style: Street Wise.

Sleek & sophisticated monochrome is still a big trend – Didi Danso  Mirror.

Follow these easy steps to create an effortless Monochrome for your street style.

  • Stay in one Shade – Ideally, the concept of monochrome is to wear one shady of colour, say if you want to wear nude colour – wear nude from top to down. Lately, celebrity stylists, trend setters & celebrities have rejuvenated this style to combine two dark shades together. Mostly black & white are combined in one dress to create a balanced Monochrome look. Going for a low key event, sit out with friends, TGIF or even a birthday party (usually one without a dress code) black and white Monochrome style will do a magic for you!   The Monochrome black & white style – here, the white colour brings some sort of brightness to your monochrome but in a very subtle way. 


    A Tutu Midi Dress. Photo Source – http://www.pinterest.com

    For your street wise style that will bring out your uniqueness – choose the tone that works for skin colour – Neon colours are usually dramatic in styling monochrome.

    Try Nude! The Nude colour is everywhere it is like the new LBD! Most cropped styles come in nude colour, giving you an opportunity to rock your nude pumps.

    Incorporate this to your everyday look – combine stylish pieces midi & cropped top to get your street wise style.

    Monochrome Midi Skirt & Cropped Top. Photo Source – Googleimages.
    Photo Source – http://www.pinterest.com
    untitled 2
    Photo Source – http://www.polyvore.com
    Photo Source – Google Images.
    • Go edgy in all black everything. Ever tried wearing all black from top to down? The outcome is awesome! Priceless and effortless!
    • Photo Source ASOS online.
    Photo Source – Google Images.
     Photo Source – http://www.pinterest.com


         Denim Blue – Wear your jeans from top to down – combine different shades of blue to get that  eccentric but chicky look.

    Photo Source – http://www.gettyimages.com
    Photo Source – http://www.leblondefox.com
    Photo Source – http://www.chictopia.com


    • Try Olive Green – If you are looking at having a magnificent street style, Olive green monochrome is the answer.
      Olive green 3
      Photo source – http://www.polyvore.com
      Olive green 2
      Photo source – http://www.pinterest.com
      olive green 4
      Photo source – http://www.pinterest.com
      olive green
      Photo Source www. Alwand.co.uk
      Photo source – http://www.pinterest.com

      Just remember , select colours that will work perfectly for your skin tone. Red, green, brown even pink can be styled as monochrome. Just pick one colour and make sure you wear it from top to down. Dull colours are usually perfect.

      go rock this trendy style like a pro!


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