How to Spend Less during this Recession Period

Paul McKinney defines recession as a general downturn in any economy.

A recession is associated with high unemployment, slowing gross domestic product, and high inflation. Generally, a recession is less severe than a depression.

The blame for a recession generally falls on the federal leadership, often either the president himself, the head of the Federal Reserve, or the entire administration. Well that is the definition of recession!

An average Nigerian trader interprets the period we are in as a period of “Dollar Rise”. According to these traders Prices of everything, I repeat, everything must increase everything includes, locally sourced food stuff like – red oil, garri, tomatoes etc.

I am not trying to be inconsiderate but what baffles me is how the price you pay for an item may increase the next day for that particular item. When you ask why – the answer is blowing in the air “dollar don increase”.

In other to stay out of debt and spend less, here are the few ways you can significantly cut down your expenses.

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  1. Don’t Go Cashless – Well, it is advised to go cashless but truth be told if you want to spend less please go card less! Do you know you cannot carry a N100.000 bills about and be comfortable? But you can spend N250.000 with your credit card on one single shopping or even in a night club.

Forget about self-discipline when it comes to shopping or clubbing or even TGIF and you know you have a fat account you will throw away that self-discipline thing, besides, Nigerians like to show off! We live “if you have it flaunt it” life style. At least for those who live in the city! No try am for some kind villages o!

The bottom line is with your card you spend more but you can only spend less if you know that the cash you have with you is estimated to last for the whole week.

Just try it this week. Leave your ATM card at home.

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  1. Set Weekly Goals – Well it is beginning to get tougher. Just start by setting aside the amount you need for a week and try not to exhaust that amount. Say to yourself, I will only spend N20.000 or less this week.
  • you can begin by having a scale sheet, where you list all your weekly activities that involves money like –
  1. Paying electric bills
  2. subscription bills
  3. See a movie
  4. Buy gifts items
  5. TGIF
  6. Visit friends etc.

Just list as many as you can remember and put 3 boxes next to each of them.

Like TO-DO, Maybe NOT, MUST DO. Now make sure that anything not listed on this list must be carried over to the next week.

For the most important items –  check the MUST Do Boxes, and the ones that can wait check the Maybe Not boxes and the rest can fall under the category of To-Do.

Let me explain, this is almost like a priority list only that this one involves spending. Things like pay your electric bills, subscription bills should be on top of your priority list, which is MUST DO, while those that can be done the next week like seeing a movie should be under TO-do. Visit friends and buy gift items should certainly be Maybe NOT. Just use it as a guideline, say if you keep N50.000 for the week, you would see that you cannot spend it all because you have a spending priority list.

Again, the week you pay bills etc. you shouldn’t really do TGIF (hahhaha) and seeing movies it will cut your spending for sure, just give it try.

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  1. Separate your Needs from your Wants.

Let’s go back to high school definition of wants and needs. Simply put, needs are necessity while wants are desire to possess or do something.

In Economic wants are defined as desires that can be satisfied by consuming a good, service or leisure activity. Needs would be defined as goods or services that are required. Very simple identify the things that you can do without and treat them as secondary issues.

Before you jump in your car and drive to the Island only to say hello to your bae, ask yourself can’t I just pick my phone and call instead? That lemon pair of shoe you want to buy, ask yourself do you really need that?

You can also help yourself by preparing your own meal as against eating out. Carry your snacks and if possible your own bottle of water if possible to prevent the next point I am about to discuss.

  1. Have a Shopping list

Oh dear! I remember one day that I walked into a super mart to buy just a box of colouring pens for my little girl; I ended up filling up a shopping cart!  Well it just happened that way.

To avoid this take a note of all the items you need to replenish in the home, and carry this list all the time, this will help you to even buy only items that you need and keep you away from the super marts.

  1. Shop without a Cart – Yea, when you are finally at the shopping mall, pls don’t be tempted to carry a cart – Carts are getting bigger these days and this is only for one reason, to make you shop more. There’s nothing wrong in grabbing a shopping basket or carry your items. This hack will make you very uncomfortable and you look clumsy your only option would be to leave the shopping mall as soon as you can.
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Finally, you can also have someone do your shopping for you. List the items you need and give the person a price tagged list to help you out.

Try these and see if your spending won’t reduce.

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Do you Contour?

Do you Contour?.

Valentine Fev’

It is again that special season for Love Expressions….whether you will be going on a date with a special person in your life or a potential special person, below are few tips to help make your valentine’s day memorable.


If your work gives you a busy schedule (although there is no such thing as a busy schedule) gifting could go a long way in saving your relationship especially on Valentine’s Day.

You may send any of the following DIY to your significant other to make up for your absence.

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Google Pictures
Box of Candies - Photo Credit Google pictures
Box of Candies – Photo Credit Google pictures
Survival Kit _ Photo Credit Google Pictures
Survival Kit _ Photo Credit Google Pictures

Going on a Date.

Ladies, here are a few of my favorite style tip for Valentine date.

Select from any of the already matched outfit from House of MO or even create your style using any of the ideas below.

Picture Credit - House of Mo
Picture Credit – House of Mo
House Of MO
House Of MO


House Of MO
House Of MO
  • If you have the opportunity select the venue, order what you know and that you have eaten before.
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Be in the moment – put your phone and tablets away if possible go on a date without your phone
  • Do not discuss international affairs or politics
  • No family or sympathetic talk
  • Try something new like Karaoke or dance to the music of the life band or whatever that supplies background music
  • Do not eat or drink too much.


Think of all those rough days and unGodly exposure of your skin to the sun, now is the perfect time to pamper your skin and more interesting do it with your partner.

Revamp Your relationship

Surprise your partner by volunteering to do something you have never done  before you could offer to make dinner.

send an erotic message

re-decorate your room to suit the  theme.

take bubble bath together

buy her a new lingerie

do some dirty dancing

Rent a romantic movie

Choose each others attire.

Sleep over

If you are going to sleep over, pls go with a PROTECTION it is essential .

I’m Not An Introvert And I’m Not An Extrovert, Either (And Neither Are You)

I found this interesting, and i thought you might all wanna digest this.

Thought Catalog


Unless you’ve been entirely absent from the Internet for the past year or so, you’ve no doubt noticed that we’re pretty obsessed with the idea of introverts and extroverts lately. For quite some time, there’s been a deluge of listicles rattling off the differences between introverts and extroverts and telling us which of our favorite celebrities fall into each category.

The trend is accompanied by what you might call an introverts’ rights movement. Books expose the ways our society may be biased towards traits and qualities associated with extroversion. Introverts are being encouraged to be proud of their personalities and recognize the unique role they have to play, rather than feel they must change in order to succeed.

Despite all this attention, many people still have a skewed idea of what we mean when we say someone is an introvert or an extrovert. This is nothing new, but for…

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PDF won’t deal with Word landscape pages properly

CyberText Newsletter

One of my work colleagues sent me a Word 2007 document and its resulting PDF and asked me to see if I could figure out what was happening with two landscape sections.

Both sections looked like this in the PDF, though they looked perfectly fine in the Word document — notice how the two pages with the maps have headers and footers going off the page and that the page is the same dimensions as the Portrait-oriented page above:

I tried several things — re-creating the PDF using Acrobat, using Word’s PDF option, fiddling with the settings in Acrobat etc. all to no avail. In fact, for some tests, I just made it worse!

So I decided to take a closer look at the Word document, and there I found the problem. What appeared to be a landscape section wasn’t. It looked like a landscape section and when I checked…

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Style Tip .


Wanna Conceal that baby bump or unflattering body fat? – Try black pieces. Okay it’s time to get into shape and burn some fats from the holidays. it has been a long festivity from Halloween – Thanksgiving – Christmas – New year day – Eid Al Maulud.

So, if you have started a weight loss programme already good for you! you should also read my blog on “staying healthy in 2015”. And then make some adjustments to your wardrobe.

Let’s start with Optical illusion – If you are in NY, NJ, Europe or even canada, you probably understand the importance of black clothing during winter (the make you feel warm) so you don’t have to worry about the cold weather.


Black winter Trench coat by burberry.

However, black clothing creates optical illusion by concealing fat, yes! For instance, if you want to create space or make a room seem larger, it is usually advised to paint the walls with bright colours, but if you want to make a room appear smaller you paint with dark colours. The same theory is applicable to fashion & style.

If you gained some pounds”overnight” LOL, and you are on the verge of loosing it, go for black and other dark colours this way the weight gain won’t be obvious . you can also try a monochromatic color schemes.

Another colour to play with is olive green, because of its military connotation, it gives you leadership quality and at the same time slim your shape. Try matching an olive skirt with a black top, it is perfect for that cold weather.

Other items that can conceal body fat are Jackets and long sleeves – the hide flabby arms but be sure not to wear tight ones.
So go rock some black clothing this season while you take one step at a time to burn those fats.
The good thing about black is that it is a girl’s bestfriend, you can match it with brighter colours after winter and still look chicky! Or go all black and spice it up with a very sharp colour.

Staying Healthy in 2015

Staying Healthy in 2015.

2014 Fashion trends

Thigh high slit.
Thigh high slit.
Thigh high slight dress.
Thigh high slight dress.
Another Thigh high slit dress.
Another Thigh high slit dress.

Slits can either fall on the right or left thigh depending on what is comfortable for you.

A red deep plunge dress, suitable for parties or night out with the ladies.
A red deep plunge dress, suitable for parties or night out with the ladies.
Deep plunge dress.
Deep plunge dress.
Rise and fall hemline dress_ red carpet ready .
Rise and fall hemline dress_ red carpet ready.
A rise and fall hemline dress. A relaxed style or grab a coffee look
A rise and fall hemline dress. A relaxed style or grab a coffee look
Full length white cape dress. A red carpet look.
Full length white cape dress. A red carpet look.
Mini red cape dress.
Mini red cape dress.
White cropped yoga pant
White cropped yoga pant
Black cropped yoga pant
Black cropped yoga pant
Classic yoga pant
Classic yoga pant

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