Do you Contour?

As straight forward as the question “Do you Contour”? May sound not everyone will honestly give you a yes for an answer.

In recent times, i have carefully wondered what secret lies behind some holly wood celebrities makeup. I mean is it not the same brand of cosmetics that we all use? Is there something special about theirs? I understand that behind every smiley, radiant face we see on the red carpet there is a “multitude of make-up experts”,better still some stars have publicly admitted to going under the knife to enhance their beauty etc.

I am very concerned about the stars who criticize “cosmetic surgical solutions” as an easy way out but yet somehow their faces remain flawless! Well it amazed me that some months ago, there was kinda a hash-tag topic about Kylie Jenner Lip augmentation. For Christ sake she is only 16! So i wondered again, who does a thing like that? Until i read Kylie’s defensive statement dispelling the lip rumours. And then came the word Contouring!

Contouring – Simply put down means to mould into a specific shape, especially one designed to fit into something else OR to mark.

How Do I Contour? Remember, it is to outline your face and enhance the structure through makeup, at first you might think it is basically for Models, or A list Celebs but anyone who is interested in good looking and fashion should or can contour.

Steptour – you must start first by getting the right product. Although contour kits varies from one brand to another. i just cant tell you the best or preferred brand, it all depends on what result you are seeking. There are 4 basic items required to contour your face –

1. Highlighter/ foundation or concealer – the choice is yours, but you must begin with any one of them.


2. Bronzer.


3. Brushimages

4.  Blush

5.Moisturizer or brightening powder.

Contouring.  start by preping your face, pull you hair upwards because contouring reaches up to your hairline, clean your face and exfoliate if needed.

Apply the foundation or concealer which ever one you want to begin with. Go for lighter shades of foundation if you want  a dramatic look, but stick with your skin tone if you want a natural face, use your finger or a clean foundation brush to apply on  places on your face where the sun would naturally hit. you might consider the following points:

  • In the center of your forehead.
  • Along the top of your brow lines.
  • Along the bridge of your nose.
  • On the apples of your cheeks (to find them, smile).
  • On your cupid’s bow (the section between the tip of your nose and the top of your lip).
  • In the center of your chin.
Google Pictures
Google Pictures

Use the highlighter to structure out areas you wish to make conspicuous. consider the following areas and fill it up with the dark foundation

  • Right below your hairline at the top of your forehead.
  • On the right and left sides of your forehead, near your hairline on either side.
  • Along the right and left sides of your nose.
  • In the hollows of your cheeks (to find them, suck your cheeks in).
  • Along your jawline on both sides, from your ears to the tip of your chin.
  • Google Pictures
    Google Picture

Now blend all 2 colours (foundation) together. Apply moisturizing cream or powder if all previous applications are liquid based. Finish the look with a blush usually light colours  i love pale pink add bronzer to spark up the look.

save your eye and lip touch for the last.

Finally, Go Contour Your Face!


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