The Oversized Denim Jacket

One of the many trends that are making a come back into the fashion scene is the oversized denim jacket.

You are probably wondering – who wears an oversized jacket as a fashion style. well you know and love the loosely fit boyfriend jeans, now meet the boyfriend denim jacket!

It is an oversized, denim jacket and it can be paired with almost anything, making it a must-have piece. You’ve probably had a denim jacket in your closet forever but this season we are wearing it a bit different from the way we have done in the past.

If you are worried about how to style an oversized denim jacket, here are our tips.

Go classic but modern.

Try combining it with denim jeans skirt or even a regular pencil skirt.

To get a chicky look tuck in the jacket.

You can either roll the sleeves up or wear as a long sleeve.


Online pictures 



kimk 2
Online Pictures 


Semi -Causal look.

You can also wear it over a bodycon dress or LBD or place it on your shoulder.


online pictures 




Online Pictures 



Online Pictures 


You can pair with Prints preferrably skirts.



Online Pictures 


For a night out try it with a thigh-high boot


Online Pictures 


Online pictures 



Online Pictures 

wear with a skinny white jeans

One thing is for sure, the denim jackets are here to stay with the ’90s trend bigger than ever.




Christmas Beach Outing

Having a hard time in finding what to wear to the your next beach outing, not to worry we have got you covered.

Bikini might not always be the best wear to the beach after all, well that depends on where you are in the globe and how proud you are with your body.

There are other cool apparels that you can don to the beach and look really sexy.  And if you are spending your vacation in a beach house you gotta at least not fill up your box with bikini’s.

Denim Shorts (ripped & normal), Cropped tops, short romper, off shoulder flowing tops, stylish/ athletic top bra, bodycon dress, long slit skirt, scarfs, beach hat, Kimono  and even jumpsuits can all be styled for the beach.

When shopping for bikini alternative, consider going for chiffon, silk, knitted, or even spandex materials.  For the beach – No Cotton material, just any clothing that is light weighted.

Denim Shorts

Thankfully there are different ways to style the denim short for a beach outing;

Denim Short/top bra and a kimono – accessory tote handbag

Photo credit –

Denim shorts can be worn with a bright colour fancy top bra as in this picture.  Sun glass is a must for the beach. Throw a kimono and complement your look with a tote bag.

Another way to style your Denim short is to wear it with and lacey fancy top, add accessory tote bag and a hat. A flat sandal is perfect for the beach.

Brazilian flip flops are okay but if you are a lady of style you may want to add flat sandal to complete your style.

photo credit –
photo credit –

if you want to achieve a retro style, wear your denim with a retro inspired top, this is not very easy to pull of as you have to get a matching top something flattering to prevent a sloppy style.

Photo credit –

If you love the off shoulder trend, the beach is another place to wear this trend to. combine with your denim short and you get an uptown girl look

Photo credit –

Add a beach hat to up your  look

photo credit – WebInspo

Be funky with your denim short throw a  gypsy scarf on your shoulder to create a gypsy girl style.

Photo – Gyver Meena Tanzania Super Model

If you have planned a vacation at the beach house, you might not have to wear your denim short all through your stay.

You can bring in your jumpsuit, depending on the material.

Photo – Gyver Meena Tanzania Super Model

A long slit skirt worn with a nice athletic bra can give you a sexy look at the beach or try the little romper – light weighted.

photo credit –

Romper short works well for the beach also.  You can add an  accessory like hand bang if you want to feel classy but relaxed.

Photo credit

A little body con  dress is also ideal for the beach.  This style is effortless but stylish if you add a kimono.

photo credit –

For your next trip to the beach, you might want to consider the above mentioned styles. It is simple, anything light weighted and have a bikini neck line is a go for the beach.

So go spend a day at the beach this Christmas and have some fun.


Some wonderful colours to spark up your lips this Christmas.  My favorite colours for the lips are

  1. Red
  2. Burgundy
  3. Nude
  4. Pink

These colours come in different hues;

google image

How to find the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone.

if you are fair skin, you will definitely look radiant in bold and deep colors. Deep colours provides contrast to your skin tone.

google image – different shades of deep and bold

If  you’re a bit more olive toned; pinks, nudes and corals will suit you well.

google image – different shades of coral lip colour

If your skin has a darker tone, choose a berry lip colour or a bold, dark shade, and very light heroine to amp up your look.

google image – lip colours for dark, brown skin.

Ultimately, your lip color is up to you. If you feel like you look best in a coral but that doesn’t align with the “guidelines,” that’s okay—just do you.

At the end of the day, we all feel the prettiest in whichever choice makes us the most confident.


So rave on!.



6 Amazing Ways to Boost Your Office Dressing Game

In the fashion world today, mass market clothing is increasing rapidly; it is almost like the uniform days are back on the stage again!

Shopping for workplace wears these days has become kind of excruciating!  If you are a stylish lady and your office is freewheeling on dress code, you still have to be unique and stand out from the mass-market crowd.

I have rounded up 6 Amazing ways to boost your office dressing game.

  1. Play Match up – I kinda agree professional attire shouldn’t be stuffy! But if you are trying to uptight your game – consider mixing up eccentric with conservative. The cropped pant and the wrap-front blazer are a fresh update on the two-piece suit. It won’t feel too out-there for the corporate world. 
    google Image

    Doesn’t all have to be suit always – A midi skirt with a nice pussy bow top is also a go for the office girl wishing to slay stylishly!

    google Image


    google Image

    Bring your chiffon to your work .  Wear it above a wide leg pant to create a chicky but corporate style.

  2. Maintain a colour pattern – switch from your regular black, white and grey to burgundy, Marsala and Glaucous
    google Image

    Marsala colour ruffled top above a brown to skin shade body fitting skirt.


    Glaucous button up shirt – google image

3. Mindful of fabric – Well anything goes these days; sad enough! I still disagree that spandex materials are to be worn to the office. Even if your colleagues have taken some liberties, you wouldn’t want your choices to make you appear in a negative way in the eyes of those who understands workplace dress code.

Bodycon dress – google image
Midi bodycon skirt google image


4. Avoid Trend driven style – if you wake up and find out that ladies are wearing bodycon, crop top or whatever inappropriate number they are wearing to work, don’t follow them, a good tailored pencil skirt would give you an edge anytime any day. crop tops, or crop-top-inspired clothing this is a NO NO for the workplace.

Midi Navy Blue Pencil Skirt – google image
cropped top – google image

5. Keep your Accessories simple – bold earrings, loud make up, flamboyant hair styles all belong to the club house and not the office, a simple conservative accessory can also reflect your individual style.

just a little of each.


google images

6. Less Exposure – well not just body parts, if you have got tattoos, piercings and ankle chains should be put away or covered properly as the case may be.



Athleisure Style

Athleisure is a new style in fashion. It is the style in which athletic apparels are worn to other places like; the workplace, to school, or at other casual or social occasions.

Athletic apparels comprises of;

  • Yoga pants
  • Tights and leggings
  • Athletic tights
  • Dressed up sweats and exercise clothing
  • Tight-fitting elastic yoga pants
  • Zip front or hooded sweatshirts
  • Lace-up or slip-on tennis shoes

 Athletic apparels are worn as leisure attire these days.

See if you can try any of these styles for a dress down Friday or to your next TGIF.

A Sweat top, A sneaker and a skin tight.

Google Image

1/3 length skin tight, a sneaker and grey sweat top.

Google Image 

To make the style more business friendly, you can add a bit of heels to get a chicky look

Google Image

Athleisure redefined – combine your gym apparel with your regular leisure style to get an excellent look for your next social occasion. 

You can either wear your complete gym apparel as your leisure style or you can combine both like in this pic – cropped top and a jacket is added to the skin tight to get a desired style for a social occasion

Google Image

Add Accessories like hand bags, bangles to get a neutral athletic style.  

Google Image

Your can also dress up your kids this way for a birthday party or sporty event in school

google Image

Stick to neutral colour tone 

Google Image

Throw a matching funky jacket to create a bold athletic style.

Google Image

Or you can simply wear a sweat top over your jeans. 

Google Image
Google Image

Be free, express your style.

The Executive Woman Style – Office Wears

Your style defines you.

If you want to be a boss dress like a boss or dress the way you wan to be addressed – Like a Boos.

The Executive woman, she walks like a boss, talks like a boss she is indeed a boss in the office and in her wardrobe.

Everything works for her, her brain, her smile, her interpersonal skills, and her attire.

She is a champion in all and all.

Google Images

She leans towards her team

Google Images

She knows how to close a deal

Google Images

She is in charge – The boss Style

Google Images

She can mix fabrics – Cotton and polyester and still look like a boss

Google Images

She is New York Business standard

Google Images

She is smart but Corporate always

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear
Google Images

She is business professional

Google Images

She brings in colour in a subtle way and glows as her career

Google Images
images (11)
Google Images

The Kimono Corporate Style

Google Images

She has a  dapper game

Google Images

You too can dress like a boss lady

Google Images

Something for sunny day.

images (10)
google Images

Dont forget to pull your hair backwards

images (12).jpg
Google Images

or try this style

Google Images

just something not distracting

Google Images

Shouldn’t get in the way

Google images

She is creative

Google Images



How to get away with fashion crimes

Unless you have a better definition or your own definition of what fashion is – we better just stick to the global definition which is: a popular style of clothing, hair design or even behaviour. Fashion can be a manner of doing something which could mean a manner of dressing e.g. she dresses younger than her age. Fashion can also be to put something in a particular form e.g. keeping your natural hair is a fashion.

Well let me not bore you with definitions that we are all aware of.

So how can you get away with fashion crime? Oh Yes there are “fashion crimes” let’s say things you can NEVER be caught in or don in public whichever sounds okay with you. Like a granny wearing a crop top or 16yrs wearing a granny undy! Well it is indeed a crime a pardonable one depending on who is the judge…

Recently, I got called out for wearing a red lipstick to work I’m like wait a sec… This is 2017! But it didn’t matter I had to add a nude colour lip gloss to tone down the colour. That is how it is done, you improvise

You may not completely erase the crime, in the fashion world you don’t get the chance to testify, the verdict is passed immediately!

So to prevent a fashion crime, you must know what crime you are about to commit.

Make sure it fits.

If the gloves don’t fit… please don’t wear it! Understand your body type and go for clothing’s that work for you best. If you are chubby avoid wearing Lycra spandex fabrics. Avoid exposing your not so flattering area like the stomach region, make jackets your best friend and wear deep colour regularly.  If you are skinny well, wear more flares and patterns the create size illusion


Google Pictures
download (4)
Google Pictures



Google pitcure

Colour Festival

Avoid applying too much colour on your face, go for more natural colours but if you ever get caught using too many colour don’t panic, just tone the colours in other areas  make sure that your face will be the only place with multi-colour and stick to mono tone in the other areas like your cloth, shoe and bag should all be one shade to avoid a colour festival incident.

Google Pitcures
Google Pictures
Google Pictures
Google Pictures
Google Pictures


The Glasses Trend

Here is the thing; wearing a pair of glasses makes you look smart but having a brain actually makes you look smarter! How about that? Either there is a good medical reason why you have to wear a pair of glasses or you don’t include it as your fashion accessories. To avoid this go for contact lenses, you would look charming rather than trying to look smart.

download (5)
Google Pictures
images (2)
Google Pictures
images (1)
Google Pictures

Going Comando

I agree sometimes we wanna go free-buffing or say do more to look sexy.  Give whatever reason that justifies this style but do not go comando in transparent clothing.  Comando is not best in loose materials or if you have a heavy rear. Just keep it simple in jeans, closely fitted pants not skirts or dresses.

Google Pictures
images (3)
Google Pictures
images (4)
Google Pictures
Google Pictures


Colourful hairstyles

I can’t say that I hate colours because it is almost sounding like I do; colours are good best for summer you know but not well for hair.  Pink, blue green I don’t know these are not colours that should be anywhere near your hair.

Google pictures
Google Pictures
Google Pictures
images (6)
google pictures
download (7)
Google Pictures
images (7)
Google pictures
images (8)
Google pictures

Be the judge pass the verdict before you wear it.


Fashion Crimes That Shocked The World

Mother of all crimes is Panty  hose + sandal or peep toes. This is a NO NO! well the solution is simple DON’T wear it! DON’T wear IT!

                     Source – Internet Pictures

  • Exposing your flabby ABS – you know what they say “if you’ve got it flaunt it” but if you don’t please don’t abuse our eyes with … I leave it there.
Source – Google Image
  • Flashing – The way all sorts of things becomes fashionable is fascinating. So some ladies are actually okay with flashing a lot of  skin and well no problem because we can understand its 2017. However we cannot pardon unnecessary display of cleavage! Dress according to your size and wear appropriate bra for your jugs.

    Source – Google Image
  • Men sagging Pants – Even if you are under 16 please whatever you do DO NOT sag your pants, it is disgusting, annoying and highly irresponsible. finish
Source – Google Images 
  • Wear neck chain in uniform – Gold, bling or what else there is please pull it before you wear your uniform. Respect the uniforom
  • Men wearing Neckless – be the judge 
  • Pajama pants in public – so I don’t know whose idea it was that it is cool to wear your pajamas and stroll about in public. Serious it gotta stop!


Accessories – Handbag

Elevate your outfit with trendy boy bag collection.

The boy bag Collection

These type of bag are handy, it  comes in different colours, similar shapes but different designs.

it is your ideal bag for coffee hang-out, a quick drink with your girlfriends.

select from the varieties and charge up your style.

This is the medium boy shoulder bag, can go with your leggings and top. You can also style it with your corporate dress.

Medium boy shoulder bag

Photo Credit – Tradesy 
Photo Credit – Pinterest
photo credit – Pinterest

There is a boy bag for everyone  no matter what your defined style is.

Photo credit – Pinterest

Play with colour

Photocredit – pinterest

Complement your style

Photocredit – Pinterest

look lovely

photocredit – Pinterest 

Go gaga with the boy bag!

Photocredit – Pinterest
Photocredit – Pinterest
Photocredit Pinterest

Go Chic

Photocredit Pinterest
Photocredit pinterest
Photocredit Pinterest
Photocredit Pinterest

The boy bag is very affordable and can be used for any casual occasion. you need not carry your designers bag always.





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