Things you didnt know about me!

when I was a little girl I had this big dream to become a super model, but unfortunately that dream didn’t make it to reality because of some issues like my height, agency & paying bills.Not all my friends knows this,but I did try a bit in modelling though LOL and then I moved on to Grad school,

Prior to Grad school, I thought of becoming an actress or a musician (I even joined a singing group during the good ol’ days when one had angelic voice). My good friend then said “it is easier to become a model when you are already a celebrity irrespective of your height! I didn’t go far dreaming this cos then came the opportunity to finally enrol into a university.

Having let all these dreams slip through my fingers, I faced my studies and made good grade. Cheers!!! I’m happy and thankful to God who made it possible and More so I know I made my dad proud (God bless his soul).


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