Split Ends Wont Let you Rest?

Not to Worry I have got you covered!

In the world today, Natural look is taking over it is almost like a trend now. Every one is  going naturale – from wearing nude colour dresses that constitutes the natural trend to spotting nude colour  lip sticks. it is all about naturale. 


Some are staying off hair relaxers entirely all to have a natural look. To some, it is healthy to keep your hair off relaxers  while others are going hair natural to grow out their hair.

Do you know that you can grow out your hair without going natural? all you need to do is to prevent split ends! say what?  Yes! You heard me prevent split ends. Here are few things you need to do :-

  1. If it is humanly  possible stay away from flat irons. Any thing hot should be kept far away from your hair.
  2. Condition the ends of your hair regularly
  3. Trim your hair every 2 weeks
  4. whatsoever you do, don’t brush or comb your hair when wet.
  5. Use  leave-in conditioner  at least once a week.
  6. Wash hair at least once a week – just to prevent dandruff.
  7. Don’t use towels to dry your hair due to the texture of towels  . Instead use soft clothing like tissue tops – Towels can break your hair when wet.
  8. Use essential oils e.g – Castor and Olive oil
  9.  Deep condition your hair at least ones in 2 weeks (I have my own  deep conditioning recipe that have worked for me)
  10. Avoid very tight hair styles like ponytail  img-20160824-104952
  11. Eat Balanced diet. Yes! include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals – best fruit for hair growth is  avocado.

Get all these right and you are on your way to rocking your natural long hair without having to stay off relaxers.


Please be a sweet heart and share with your friends.





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