Sexy look strong -my weight loss testimony.

It is approximately 1 year that I started my fitness journey. Don’t get it mixed up! I am not a Model yet, nor an actress I am just a self-acclaimed internet personality. So it took me 1 year to achieve a conspicuous weight loss.
I would like to commend myself, I have done pretty well although I am not there yet…
Believe me; many years ago I used to be a size 8!!! Hahahaha not funny! I am being serious. I gradually saw myself became a size 10, 12, 14 16 and almost 18.
It was almost like my soul was trapped in another body. I was not happy at all. Being a pretty small stature person – I am 5.5 I couldn’t really carry the weight I had. Vividly, I carry my weight on the upper area of my body. It was a struggle for me because at some point during mid-2015 I weighed 80-85kg.
Let me not even mention that I couldn’t find nice clothing in sizes 18, I was becoming sick and I knew I had to do something to stop it.

Before meets after. 


I started ONLY Saturday work-out, my excuse was I barely had the time to hit the gym. Well, Saturday workout didn’t do much for me. Then I thought of going under the knife but when I heard the negative stories…. I freaked out and sourced alternative means.
I am not going to lie; I took slim teas, tablets, and cream etc. nothing worked!!!!!!!
After all these failed attempt, I sat and thought of what I could do to help myself. That was when this crazy, insane idea just crossed my mind.


On my next article I would share these tips with you. The good thing about these fitness tips is that there is a plan for everyone and you don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym. It is best for the working class, the busy bees and even you can adopt any of the steps as a life style.
Relax and inform anyone you know that is struggling on weight loss.

Now, be a sweet heart and share with others.



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