May 4th 2016

Rest In the Lord. We miss you

The month of May used to be a very interesting month for me because; it is my baby sisters birthday month. This year’s May didn’t really start off well for all of us because just at the very beginning of the month, my first in-law (elder sisters husband) was diagnosed of malaria ++ sounds strange right? I haven’t also heard that before, we took it as mere malaria that would be treated quickly, basically by swallowing Malaria drugs and other prescribed drugs. we prayed also.

He was responding to treatment I would say, I spoke with him and he sounded fine, when I asked him, how is he doing he said ” I am well in Jesus name” I guess I would never forget that phrase!

I can still remember my sister calling me telling me that her husband is stooling profusely! And looking pale + loosing strength, some doctors suggested he be put on Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) and Intravenous therapy (IV).

Some days after, his stomach started enlarging, on the 3rd of May he was admitted and suddenly his health status started deteriorating.

During the early hours of 4th May, he passed out as I was told. When I got this news I started getting ready to go and support in whatever way I could. But before I could get to him he passed away! (A minute silent).


So sad! And heart breaking, my sister did all she could but I guess God called her husband no matter what.

He spent his last days studying the bible & serving God. May his gentle & cheerful soul rest in perfect peace.

I have dedicated the entire month to mourn him. I would resume publishing sometime in June.

Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes. It is never easy to go through such a very tragic loss without friends and well-wishers.

I really appreciate & wish that you all may never experience such loss.

Sarah McLachlan – Angel [Official Music Video] – YouTube

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