Monochrome Style: Street Wise.

Sleek & sophisticated monochrome is still a big trend – Didi Danso  Mirror.

Follow these easy steps to create an effortless Monochrome for your street style.

  • Stay in one Shade – Ideally, the concept of monochrome is to wear one shady of colour, say if you want to wear nude colour – wear nude from top to down. Lately, celebrity stylists, trend setters & celebrities have rejuvenated this style to combine two dark shades together. Mostly black & white are combined in one dress to create a balanced Monochrome look. Going for a low key event, sit out with friends, TGIF or even a birthday party (usually one without a dress code) black and white Monochrome style will do a magic for you!   The Monochrome black & white style – here, the white colour brings some sort of brightness to your monochrome but in a very subtle way. 


    A Tutu Midi Dress. Photo Source –

    For your street wise style that will bring out your uniqueness – choose the tone that works for skin colour – Neon colours are usually dramatic in styling monochrome.

    Try Nude! The Nude colour is everywhere it is like the new LBD! Most cropped styles come in nude colour, giving you an opportunity to rock your nude pumps.

    Incorporate this to your everyday look – combine stylish pieces midi & cropped top to get your street wise style.

    Monochrome Midi Skirt & Cropped Top. Photo Source – Googleimages.
    Photo Source –
    untitled 2
    Photo Source –
    Photo Source – Google Images.
    • Go edgy in all black everything. Ever tried wearing all black from top to down? The outcome is awesome! Priceless and effortless!
    • Photo Source ASOS online.
    Photo Source – Google Images.
     Photo Source –


         Denim Blue – Wear your jeans from top to down – combine different shades of blue to get that  eccentric but chicky look.

    Photo Source –
    Photo Source –
    Photo Source –


    • Try Olive Green – If you are looking at having a magnificent street style, Olive green monochrome is the answer.
      Olive green 3
      Photo source –
      Olive green 2
      Photo source –
      olive green 4
      Photo source –
      olive green
      Photo Source www.
      Photo source –

      Just remember , select colours that will work perfectly for your skin tone. Red, green, brown even pink can be styled as monochrome. Just pick one colour and make sure you wear it from top to down. Dull colours are usually perfect.

      go rock this trendy style like a pro!



3 Adorable Ways to Incorporate the Pantyhose into Your Style.

The Pantyhose (called tights in the United Kingdom) are sheer hosiery.

They are close-fitting legwear, which cover the wearer’s body from the waist to the feet.  Pantyhose appeared in the 1960s as a convenient alternative to stockings – Source Wikipedia

In recent times, Pantyhose have been classed under fashion & style accessory.  Originally Pantyhose are designed to:

  • be attractive in appearance,
  • hide physical imperfections such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair or veins,
  • reduce visible panty lines, and
  • ease chafing between feet and footwear, or between thighs.

In Western society, pantyhose are sometimes worn by women as part of a formal dress.

Some schools and profession would require their women to wear pantyhose when uniforms are short skirts. Duchess Kate has long been a fan of wearing nude pantyhose to cover up her legs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a duchess  — to wear a pantyhose.

How to stylishly wear a pantyhose.

Photo Credit —


Photo Credit –
  1. Wear underneath a mini-dress:  Pull on a pair of Pantyhose underneath a short dress to cover up your legs. It is usually advised to wear your exact skin tone but to bring out your sassiness  go for dark colours – black or  blackmail to make this antique accessory stylish. You can also wear under  a trench coat.


Photo Credit –
Photo Credit –

2. Wear as a Warmer.

Wear a thicker legging for more coverage or for a colder climate. wear underneath your denim short shorts. You may stick to your exact skin tone so as not to create a dramatic look.

But if you live in NYC or Canada you will understand the need to carry a warmer all the time a black hose can provide you warmth.

You don’t have to wait till summer to don your pretty short shorts – try a black hose under a short short, wear electric blue cardigan and throw a 1979 winter coat over it.

Photo Credit – The

3. Wear as part of a corporate uniform

Now this is a bit dicey situation because panty hose are not allowed in most workplace. Unless you have seen your superior wear it, pls do not wear it at all.

If you must let it be a big day at work, when you are meeting with very very important personalities – then go for your exact skin tone and compliment your look with a black pump or just stick to light black.

Photo credit –
Photo Credit –

A few don’ts of pantyhose

Lace Stockings: Not for work, unless you work in the oldest profession.

White Stockings: Not unless you are five yrs.

Pantyhose and peep toes : not cool at all

Black Tights and Colored shoes: A fashion no no


Add a little sexiness to your classic style.

1460621005653_681917The definition of “sexy” is: “having sexually appealing or interesting qualities.”[1] And the definition of “classy” is: “having qualities that make someone or something special and attractive.”_ Wikihow.

Ladies, you may have heard in the past that the more flesh you flash the more men you attract. This statement may have worked for women in late 80’s but in present day men have evolved to lust after not only for the  obvious but also for the “covert”!, although the lust for what is not openly shown is as old as humanity!

Again If your think flashing more flesh will attract men then you really need to think again.

However, he doesn’t mind if you flash or not men love the rack, and if you’ve got it, stay blessed!

So ladies if you want to stay sexy and yet classy here are few tips to help you achieve that.

Less is More

Just like I have said earlier, Men  lust for not openly shown things. if you are into the game of attracting men, you must also understand that the game have long changed.

Before dressing up, you must understand what you wish to put on display. The most intriguing part of your body is usually ideally to put out there. So is it your chest? Cos I like to start from the top – LOL. Maybe your face is the most striking part of your body good for you! Because truth be told not all men are into thick butts and boobs, some of them also love a well cared for face. So go over the top to keep your face as charming as Kim Kardsahians Ass! Pamper your face to a nice facial treatment or visit the spa once everyweek.

A Beautiful Face & Skin Care
A well cared for face.

Photo Credit:

Natural beauty with Lanserhof's

Photo Credit: Natural-beauty-with-lanserhofs.

 Cover up 70%

No doubt at some point in our style we intend to put something out there, be it in a form of “flashing”, leaving a little to the imagination or even flaunting because we’ve got it. whatever your reason is for wanting to display more than required, thankfully, you can achieve your aim and still look classic. Here is how –  Cover up 70% and leave the remaining 30 displayed in a subtle way. For instance, if you wanna flaunt your cleavage, Cover your stomach and other areas. This will focus attention to your chest only.

This same formula is  applicable to wearing LD (little dress) etc.  Cover the upper area and expose only the legs.

Just remember – focus attention to only one area – chest, legs, midriff. it has to be one at a time.

There are killer items to help you achieve sexiness! My number one item is

  1. V- neck or deep plunge: Pardon me but this is my number 1, maybe because I hold my weight on the upper part of my body or just for the love of showing the cleavage! are we not all  doing that?

Now this is the killer plan and believe me it is very subtle. Slay in a two piece suit, add a   little sexiness by including a  D’ Plunge shimmer camisole to reveal your inner fire. you can also wear a deep plunge top and throw a jacket over it.

D’Plunge top and a Bikers Jacket.

Photo Credit: House of Mo’

D’Plunge Top, finished look with a black blazer.

Photo Credit: House of Mo’

D’Plunge neck cutting.

Photo Credit: Google Pictures.

2.  Accessories  – Define your waist.  This is applicable to both men & women.What ever you wear make sure it will accentuate your waist. Use belts to define your waist. This will create an illusion of a well structured figure and believe me there is nothing as sexy as a defined/structured figurine. Understand your body shape and pick styles that will work for you.


Photo Credit: Google Images


Photo credit : Google Images


Photo credit : Google Images

3. Play with colour – A great way to display confidence and sophistication is  to come up with appealing colour combination_ WikiHow.

Add a  pop of colour to your monochrome style.


throw a black jacket over a monochrome outfit, to create a balanced sexy look.


Add Metallic neck statement piece for alluring look.

Create a balanced look – With classic button up white top


Add bangles and dangling ear piece.


Feel Comfortable – NO matter what your aim is, if you are not comfortable in your style then it’s a fashion fail.



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