IMG-20160225-102200Hello Fashion lovers can we take a minute to help save Oyayi.

Help Family, Please join the fundraising campaign to raise funds for Oyayi #SaveOyayi

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I’m Miss Comfort Oyayi Daniel.

You never really know the value of health till you are sick. I am a woman with a dream to become a journalist and this led me to pursue a degree in mass communication. My zeal and passion for the things I do attracted admirations from people around me who were greatly encouraged.

I kept setting goals and doing my best to build a future not just for myself but also for a better society. Things seemed to be working out well till when I was diagnosed of Breast Cancer (invasive ductal CA of the left breast, ER/PR negative, HER 2 neu positive: Stage 2) at Asokoro Hospital Abuja. I was told it was a malignant tumor, hence life threatening. Since June 2015 when I left the hospital after mastectomy (removal of left breast), I have not been able to go back for thechemotherapy(TCH Taxane, Carboplatin, Herceptin) regimen because I don’t have$35,966.

Your $1 (N300) can help to save me.

Please DONATE to keep alive.
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You can also pay directly to National Hospital Abuja or pay to Account Name: Health & Psychological Trust Centre SaveOyayi Account No: 6060163812Bank: Fidelity Bank Plc.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Miss Comfort Oyayi Daniel
Breast Cancer Champion and Aspiring Journalist.



t: +234 803 6053 866, 7086908385


My Anna-Maria

In life, you meet people People meet you. People come and go, some stay for a while, some you wish they stay longer, some wish they stay longer but fate separates you. And then you realise that it takes two to make up a life time relationship.

Sometimes you wish it will last forever. Some touched your life and left a good impression. Some tore you apart and left you in misery. Some left and time stood still in your life. Some you wish you could turn back the hands of time and still be with them. Some you regret you ever met them.

Some are passerby’s. Some came by for a reason. some will teach you somethings good or bad. Some you teach somethings good or bad. Some you think you have some mystical connections with. Some intentions are just too obvious to be ignored.

Some you have fun with. Some you share your pains with Some put smiles and happiness in your life. Some only come to steal your happiness.

Many of them you loved. Many of them you’d wish to love again. Many of them you hate that you loved. Many are a fraction in your memory. Many you have immortalized in your mind.

And many have gone to life beyond!

-My Anna-Maria.

You are a one in a life time kid, I’m sorry for everything. I’ll always love you.

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