Going on a first date

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1. Is he worth your time? Before you go on a date with someone, you should be able to know the persons attributes, is he civil? How well can he hold a conversation? Is he funny? Tolerant? Cheerful? All these you need to know before the first date. I have seen a first date that ended up in a real relationship and I have also seen a date that ended up in marriage, equally there are some dates that never ends well.
Let’s get the fact straight I am not a relationship expert! But I can tell that you should only hang out with someone you trust, someone who will bring you home if you are drunk and not put you in a cab.

Greater Miami and Beaches

2. Be in charge
To some it may sound selfish and self centered but I just like to take charge of any situation. Therefore, pick the date, time and venue.
Date– work with a day that is very suitable. Make sure you don’t add other activities to that day, not even some thing as little as picking up laundries. This way you will have more time to prepare.

If you have to pamper your skin, do your spa a day before the date. Just let dress up and leave be the only thing you do. Also remember to get enough rest before the day.
Time– depending on your kinda person but I would suggest you pick a time that is “godly” am/pm is very good for a first date until you get familiar with the person. Be punctual and stick to time.

Venue – If possible pick the venue, this way it will be very easy for you to relax because you will be in a familiar environ.

Pool Terrance bar – Sheraton Lagos Nigeria

Your Style.
Now this is the main part. Unless you are going to the fanciest bar ever. You should really try to keep it simple. Of course you picked the venue so this shouldn’t also be very hard for you to decide.
Try Jumpsuit, the thing about jumpsuits is that it is an all occasion outfit. You can don a jumpsuit to a house party, wedding, friends get together even to the beach, you will “blend in” but still posh. Another thing is that jumpsuits have a way of covering your baby fat that’s if you have some!

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Long or short jumpsuit can go but not too short to prevent unnecessary flesh flashing. If not sure of the length do the bend down test to see.

Short Jumpsuit

If you already have a neat and new hair do you need to worry about your hairstyle, if not go for pony tails. Simple center parting will do you good or lay your hair all back. If you will wear a weave choose mild colours that will not draw attention.
It is profitable to keep from your face upwards simple , neat and charming if you are looking to get a second date.


Accessories – This is where you get the most fails. Believe me your mobile phone is also a fashion accessory! So having just your mobile phone is okay. You can also opt for a simple neutral colour clutch. Please do not bring an Ipad to a date it is a bit disrespectful especially when you companion left his at home.
A wrist watch and a simple bracelet will lift your style. Consider not so flashy jewellery because you may never know who is watching from afar! Don’t say I didn’t tell you!
Shoe. This can maim or mend your style. Now high heels are posh, stylish and sophisticated but not for first dates! The whole idea is to look as comfortable as possible and not to intimidate your date or go over the top. Trust me, I know we ladies like to make heads turn, we want to be seen! We like to bring out the Kim Kardashian in us always. But babe, you may be over doing it. But if you are struggling with height and wish to catch up with your date you made the right decision.
I would say flats but that will down play your style. You can go for heels but not so high, 2″, 4″ are just okay. Or try blocked heels. We all have this one magic shoe that transforms our look from effortless to classy. Heels are okay provided not very high.
When it comes to fashion and style comfort is necessity. Besides on a first date you want to bring a positive energy and acquire info about your date, you wouldn’t like to be distracted because you are worried about how to get up.
The more comfortable you are in your outfit the more comfortable you will feel on the date.
Finally Comport yourself orderly, go through the menu properly it is better to select what you know. Listen and Listen, don’t bring up political matters, Don’t gossip it flaws your Persona, wear a smile, don’t talk when you have food in your mouth.
The last but not the least be in the moment- instagraming your food, the venue while you are still on a date is not cool! Keep your phone on the table or in your bag.


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  1. All look nice, but, um… the jump suit suggestion ain’t cool with me though. Is that applicable to the so-called sisters/brothers who takes religion too extreme that a jumpsuit seem lke a huge sin to?
    To me… the jumpsuit is perfectly cool, but for others… might be a brrrrrrrrr!


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