I have come to realize that we ladies are big on shoes and I think our love for shoes is not necessarily because of the saying; that the first thing people notice about you are your shoes. Could it be because of Variety? But whatever your reasons are for loving shoes, having the right pair at the right time could and will save you when least expected.

My style idea is – Be Comfortable, Again if you can’t walk for a mile in that stiletto or is that flat very tight that it leaves a trophy (blister) on your toes! Just know it is not Stylish and certainly not the right pair.

Shoes are accessories, shoes are part of your style, it complement your look, in fact a little shoetivity error can ruin your style completely. Just like clothing , there are different types of foot wear for women: from dress shoes to casual, athletic and boots. But the purpose of this article is to get the right one to complement your dressing or rather get the footwear that defines your style.

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Elevation. Agreed, your footwear can elevate you completely – NO I don’t mean making you taller, it can transform you into a whole new person. Let me set the record straight, the purpose for high heels is not to make women appear taller, as some people believe. Heels are like an elegant woman trademark, it speaks for her when she’s not all about talking. Heels can transform an effortless dressing into an all sophis’ look. High heels come in different shapes – stiletto, pump (court shoe), block, tapered, blade, and wedge.


To elevate your dressing select a foot wear that is edgy, kinda out of your dressing category. I mean – if you will wear a simple pant and a botton up shirt regardless of the colours, select a platform heel that is colour blocking, Neon are best for this purpose. Or you can wear a pointed toe pump heel with leggings and finish the look with a simple matching top or even a botton up shirt still.


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Make the switch – From the beach to a meet and greet gathering or fast food etc. Pick a wedge sandal the are best for a casual but chicky look.

Not “Fashole” go for flats I mean very flats like sandals and slippers. If you will wear maybe something very short like a little Jump short or ladies short, either you wear a flat sandal or a flipflop depending on where event is taking you, but not over the knee boot it is a total fashion buzz kill! For little clothing. You can even wear a sandal with a long casual dress.

Picture Credit tipsysociety-com
Picture Credit tipsysociety-com
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Picture Credit. Gems_Flat_Slippers

Down play – Pick flat shoes, it is best for down playing a formal dressing. The good thing about flats is that, it is an office friendly footwear. Slippers and flat sandals in an office is Just another way of telling people the height of your irresponsibility! Although sandals can be acceptable in some offices on dress down/ casual days, but slippers in an office is a thumbs down and should not be worn by any lady who considers herself stylish.

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Picture Credit thumbs-dreamstime-com

The good thing about flats is that, it makes you feel not so dressy/ overly dressed but same time retain your stylish look.


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So I decided to take a closer look at the Word document, and there I found the problem. What appeared to be a landscape section wasn’t. It looked like a landscape section and when I checked…

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Style Tip .


Wanna Conceal that baby bump or unflattering body fat? – Try black pieces. Okay it’s time to get into shape and burn some fats from the holidays. it has been a long festivity from Halloween – Thanksgiving – Christmas – New year day – Eid Al Maulud.

So, if you have started a weight loss programme already good for you! you should also read my blog on “staying healthy in 2015”. And then make some adjustments to your wardrobe.

Let’s start with Optical illusion – If you are in NY, NJ, Europe or even canada, you probably understand the importance of black clothing during winter (the make you feel warm) so you don’t have to worry about the cold weather.


Black winter Trench coat by burberry.

However, black clothing creates optical illusion by concealing fat, yes! For instance, if you want to create space or make a room seem larger, it is usually advised to paint the walls with bright colours, but if you want to make a room appear smaller you paint with dark colours. The same theory is applicable to fashion & style.

If you gained some pounds”overnight” LOL, and you are on the verge of loosing it, go for black and other dark colours this way the weight gain won’t be obvious . you can also try a monochromatic color schemes.

Another colour to play with is olive green, because of its military connotation, it gives you leadership quality and at the same time slim your shape. Try matching an olive skirt with a black top, it is perfect for that cold weather.

Other items that can conceal body fat are Jackets and long sleeves – the hide flabby arms but be sure not to wear tight ones.
So go rock some black clothing this season while you take one step at a time to burn those fats.
The good thing about black is that it is a girl’s bestfriend, you can match it with brighter colours after winter and still look chicky! Or go all black and spice it up with a very sharp colour.

Keep it Classy Not Trashy!

Keep it Classy Not Trashy!.

Keep it Classy Not Trashy!

The way a dress fits depends on the way you wear it.
In the world today where nudity is highly promoted, it is now difficult to maintain an elegant look.
I don’t want to sound cliché but your dressing says a lot about you even before you introduce yourself. You don’t have to dress tacky and skimpy before you consider yourself stylish. If you agree with me let’s run down few points to consider before you go shopping for outfits.

  1. Understand your body shape
  2. Right outfit for the occasion
  3. Comfortable outfit
  4. Dress according to your income
  5. And finally dress with your “church mind”

Understanding your body shape
Ladies, there’s always something for everyone. Irrespective of your shape.
There are five basic female body shapes:


  1. The hour glass shape – Curvy but evenly proportioned: Choose clothes that work and move with your natural curves, not against them. Avoid shapeless or boxy styles, like baby-doll dresses, tunics, and oversize cardigans.
  2. Triangle / Pear – larger at the bottom: Avoid shapeless, oversize sweaters; skinny jeans and pants; and skirts in a flimsy, curve-hugging fabric, like silk.
  3. Rectangle – straight up and down: This straight-up-and-down figure is often considered boyish. Opt for styles that fit snugly at your middle but flare out at the bottom (whether it’s a skirt or pants) to create curves. Avoid dresses that are tight all over and anything too flowy or unstructured around the waist, like Empire-waist tops.
  4. Apple – Thick around the middle : Avoid anything that draws attention to the middle―like high-rise pants, belts, and waist-clinching tops.

Let’s keep it simple. Once you understand your body shape, it becomes easier to find the flattering pieces.

Dress for the occasion
I think we only adhere to dress code if it is a job interview, after that we all go ‘I wear what I like”
For weddings – Don’t wear white it is the brides colour and it is her day. Black and red are wedding no no.Steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined, otherwise you will be competing with the venue decoration. knee-length dress in a material like cotton is always a wedding friendly outfit. strapless styles and open-toed shoes get the nod of approval. “Simple hats” also earn a thumbs-up, floor-length gowns are okay but keep it simple and be sure not to upstage the bride.


A Cocktail Party
You can’t wear a gym outfit to a cocktail gathering and expect to be taken seriously. I am guilty of this fashion crime though! Avoid fabrics that are too casual, like chino, jersey, and denim. Reach out for a little black number and a comfortable flat shoe if you are in a familiar gathering. Or rock a one shoulder grecian dress with a wedge and complement the look with light accessories.


A Business Dinner or a Company Party – Maintain a professional look, avoid provocative attire, wear a suit and bring along a feminine blouse and evening-appropriate shoes, switch your accessories from little to bolder items.


Dinner with your significant other
Avoid appealing dresses, I mean; he already knows you in and out, so don’t feed his eyes with your body parts, just look simple so you can both be in the moment rather than imagining… Get dolled up; go for a knee length baby doll gown, dress in a bold colour or print. Keep it beautiful and neat.


Comfortable Outfit
First and foremost, you should feel like you. Always buy outfits that you are sure will make you feel great about yourself,
Stick to a colour scheme and pattern. Choose colours that will complement your complexion. If you are flabby, avoid fabrics that are thin because it will expose bumps and fats.
Go for outfits that move freely with you.
Heels – if you can’t walk a mile in that Christian Louboutin stilettos then it is a no no for any event.
If you constantly have to adjust your dress in public then you shouldn’t have worn it.
Remember, always leave a little for the imagination. Don’t put it all out, Less is more!

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Comfortable outfit


Dress according to your income
Clothing Is Not an Investment, so be sure not to overspend on clothing Unless you are celebrity or your Job requires you to dress expensively. Before you go shopping, just do some quick math to figure out what % of your income you are willing to do away with. When you go, simply make sure that you’re choosing really great items that you’ll wear in the future.
If you are on a low income focus on Accessories. Have a few good staple items, and then make them look different on a regular basis by mixing them up with simple accessories. Mix things up with jackets, shirts, jewelry, shoes, and bags.
A black piece is best if you are running on a low budget, Don’t Obsess Over Brand Names and Don’t follow the trend as you’ll spend more.

Dress with your “church mind”
As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so avoid potential eyebrow-raisers. You don’t wanna reference pretty woman if you know what I mean, just dress in a way that best defines you.
If at all you have to show some flesh, just do it moderately, one at a time.
If you can pull all these together then you are certainly on your way to looking classy.

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